What Are People Searching For In Des Moines?

An important (and difficult) part of local internet marketing is figuring out what people are searching for in your area. Yelp provides a great resource showing top searches in a geographic area. For example, here is what people are searching for the most on Yelp in Des Moines, Iowa.

Des Moines SEO

Top 10 Des Moines Searches On Yelp

  1. Restaurants Des Moines
  2. Dinner Des Moines
  3. Restaurant Des Moines
  4. Bar  Des Moines
  5. Breakfast Des Moines
  6. Bars Des Moines
  7. Pizza Des Moines
  8. Sushi Des Moines
  9. Salon Des Moines
  10. Food Des  Moines

If you want to find out the popular searches in your city on Yelp, simply scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Top Searches”.

Des Moines SEO

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