How To Move From Posterous To WordPress

This week Posterous announced it would be shutting it’s doors. This leaves many bloggers (including this one) looking for another solution. I had setup my personal site and a podcast site on Posterous for ease of use and simple publishing. Now, it’s time to move them back into WordPress (where they really should have been all along). This is a good reminder – you should always own your site so this doesn’t happen to you.

We had issues moving some sites over to WordPress today using the importer plugin that’s out there now. So, we forked it, fixed it, tested it – and it works! So give it a try if you are having trouble with the original version of the plugin.

1. Download Our WordPress Importer Plugin

Download, Install, and activate our WordPress Importer Plugin.

2. Enter Your Posterous Info

Then enter your information on the Import Posterous page by going to Tools->Import and selecting “Posterous” from the list.

WordPress Posterous Importer

3. Go Get Coffee

Depending on the amount of posts you have, this could take awhile.

WordPress Import Posterous

This will finish and let you know when it’s done. Then go to Posts and check it out! Check out – I just ran the import!

WordPress Bootstrap Theme

When time permits I’ve been working on another WordPress starter theme based on Bootstrap, the super awesome CSS and JS framework originally released by Twitter. I use it on everything so it was natural to convert our base starter theme to use Bootstrap. And of course it’s open source (fork it and make it better please)

So far it’s got the basics and a couple treats. You can choose to make it fluid layout or standard (this could be better worded inside the theme… perhaps a future issue). It also features facebook comments and a blog page template.

More to come as we get the time. For now we are using it at and you can fork it and use it yourself on Github.

How To Make Facebook Comments Responsive

On most WordPress themes we develop the Facebook comment platform is used. Some like it because it’s social… Others like it because it’s the best way to keep comment spam out. At 48Web, we’ve made it the default comment system in our WordPress Bootstrap Starter Theme.

When I got down to implementing Facebook comments in our WordPress starter theme I immediately ran into an issue of responsiveness. The code Facebook gives you has a static width. This is good for 80% of the themes and is easy to change. But when you are creating a theme framework/starter theme you never know how someone else will implement the layout. Not to mention a 450px Facebook comments doesn’t look great when the browser is narrowed (like you would see on mobile).

So, here’s how we implemented it to be responsive, and simply grow to its container size.

How to Make Facebook Comments Responsive In WordPress

1. Add rules to your CSS file of choice (see ours)
2. Update comments.php to load Facebook Comments

Here’s a gist with everything you need to implement responsive Facebook comments in WordPress.

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