Dwolla vs PayPal – Fees

We have started expanding our WordPress services overseas – which is great but it’s surprisingly difficult to get paid without getting gouged. Luckily Dwolla is working on it.

Today, Dwolla posted some graphics today on how their rates compare to using debit / credit cards. Here’s what it looks like compared to PayPal for the average cost of one of our WordPress sites…

PayPal Fees vs Dwolla Fees

PayPal Fees vs Dwolla Fees

It adds up quickly!

6 thoughts on “Dwolla vs PayPal – Fees

  1. Exactly. I recently lost $24 because I had to pay someone in Canada, and Dwolla doesn't support Canada yet. ;_;

    It made me want to make some tweet button that you can press after you use Paypal that says "I just lost $X not using Dwolla!"

  2. Andy, I like how you show the comparison & love that you're saving money, but for someone not familiar with Dwolla your graph is confusing. No where on your graph does it show which column is Dwolla & which is paypal. The graph shows PayPal first & then Dwolla – but all your wording says Dwolla 1st. So for the unknown user, they may assume the first column represents Dwolla, and the second Paypal.

  3. Why is there even an International entry for Dwolla. I'm in Canada and I can't sign up. If you sent me $2500 in dwolla, it just cost you $2500, because I can't retrieve the money.

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